What is the difference between a "Reading" and a "Report"?

A READING is a personal one-on-one with Neil, your Astrologer who will draw up your chart and schedule a time to connect with you, in person or over the telephone. Readings last from 30-90 mins, depending on the type you choose.

A REPORT is written profile emailed to you - which details your Astrology Chart. Obviously, a Reading will give you more depth because it is interactive, (and highly recommended!) but you'd be surprised what you can obtain from a written Report.

What can I learn from a Reading or Report?

A lot. You'll be amazed. Truly. Most - if not all - current events, past events and future events can be seen in the birth chart, or at least find their Root Cause there. Personality shapes destiny. Your Soul's Journey reveals Where you've been, Why you are Where You Are Right Now and Where your Soul is trying to head. Neat, huh?


You can find out about your Relationships, Career Aptitude, Financial Possibilities, Personality Strengths & Weak DNA links, your Secret Karmic Lessons/Gifts/Challenges, the Past Lives that shape your Present Path, your Inner Emotional Life, Unhelpful Patterns you keep repeating, your Destiny Path (everyone's is unique) and a heck of a lot more. Try it! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain - a truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience and the knowledge gained lasts a lifetime...and perhaps beyond.

What do I need for my Reading/Report ?

Just your Birth Info: your TIME, DATE and PLACE of Birth.

That's it!

Example: January 15 1972 (as some countries notate it differently). Email it to Neil@NewWorldAstrology.com or attach it to your order. Simple.


What if I don't know my birth time?

Don't worry - you can still have benefit from a Reading without it - we draw up what's called a Solar Chart for the day you were born. It provides tonnes of info! If you can find your Birth Certificate or ask your Parents - do it, it's worth the extra accuracy and detail! If you can narrow it down to a specific window of time, that's useful, but not essential. Just let us know when your order.


How is the Report created?

Your birth data is used to draw up your Birth Chart & Report(s) of choice. They'll be emailed direct to you 24-48 hours after receiving all the necessary info. This is human generated, but worth your patience!


Can I order a Reading / Report for someone else?

Most definitely - people love them! They make amazing gifts for anyone, anytime - especially if someone needs more guidance or is at a crossroads or going through major changes, Astrology is awesome for helping us navigate ahead. Or, for someone you think may be interested in finding out more about themselves (who doesn't!?). They'll be stunned at what Astrology can show - these Readings are hugely popular. Just email their birth info (please check it's correct!)


How is my personal information used?

Just to draw up your personal Report - that's all. We respect your privacy and all information you give us is used solely for your personal chart.


How can I pay and can I be sure my identity information is secure?

We are Paypal Certified so you can be sure your information is secure.  We've been in business for years and people love how it easy it is!


What if I don't want to use a credit card online?

No problem-o! Send an email to Neil@NewWorldAstrology.com to arrange payment by check or money order.


Can I get a refund on an order?

Once your order has been placed, we can't issue a refund since work is already being done behind the scenes (compiling orders and emailing them out - all done by human hand). All orders are prepared/sent in the order received. Please make sure you check your Report Order for accuracy (birth data and payment info) before hitting submit. Thank you! Technical errors on our side will be fixed without charge. If you wish you cancel a Reading after work has begun, you forfeit 50% of the fee. Readings can take up to 4 weeks, Reports 24 to 48 hours. Your patience is much appreciated.


How do I schedule a Personal Reading?

Under READINGS at the Store. Choose how long you'd like to chat with Neil. You'll be glad you did - many clients come back for repeat Readings since there is so much to cover and they are amazed how much their Chart can tell them about themselves.  Be sure to also check out the Video Tarot Readings also on offer.

If you miss your Reading appointment, you may receive an audio recording of the Reading instead, at Neil's discretion.


What if I have a question regarding my Report Content?

You can always discuss the Report with Neil in person during a Personal Consultation, where he'll navigate you through not only the Report but a more personal 'read' of your chart using professional techniques of synthesis you cannot find in a written report. You can also try reaching Neil via Instagram, Twitter or Email.


How much will my Report cost in my local currency?

Use this Currency Converter to work out how much you'll be paying in conversion. All Reports are in dollars when you order, but you can find out here how much it works out for you, no matter where you live! These Reports are some of the most affordable you'll find anywhere online.


Can I use a photo displayed on your site?

All images are believed to be Public Domain. If for any reason you know an image to belong to someone else, please let us know so we can take it down. And accept our apologies, humans make mistakes!


Help - I have a question not mentioned here!?

Just email Neil@NewWorldAstrology.com with your questions, 

queries, thoughts or anything else!




Remember, Astrology cannot take the place of your Doctor or Physician and New World Astrology and Neil D Paris cannot accept any responsibility for acting (or not acting!) on the information shared - that is the beauty of your own free-will! All information is for entertainment purposes only - however, you'll find it accurate, insightful, and specific to you! All insight is given with the best of intentions but it is up to you to discern what is right for you. That's what this is all about, right? If in doubt, get a second opinion. Knowledge is power.


Thanks. Now enjoy!